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Web and Database Solutions to Automate Your Workplace
Built With a 10x Competitive Advantage

For over 20 years, Mighty Ant DataWorks has been creating custom software systems enabling organizations to get much more work done, in less staff time. We have more than doubled staff productivity for some clients, for less cost than a single employee.

Mighty Ant DataWorks shows a startling ten times cost and schedule advantage over many competitors, achieved through a combination of some of the best developers in the world, our tool selection, and prebuilt software modules we use to rapidly construct systems.

Most of our effort is focused where jobs get done — at the work group level — creating systems for teams of 5 to 50 people working together. Our elegant, best in class database driven systems are surprisingly easy to use — saving staff time, reducing turnover costs, and further increasing efficiency.

Get A LOT More Work Done,
In Less Time, Without
Hiring More Staff

Tug of War

Stop duplicate data entry. Eliminate common mistakes. Automate every report your group creates. Connect directly to enterprise systems. Track and find documents, to do list items, inventory, or any business data. Set up automatic data feeds with other groups. Get custom reminders or warnings. Pull data directly from the web into your group's system, or automatically push internal data out onto the web.

Our systems save staff time.

Why Using Top Talent Pays:
Our 10x Price and
Schedule Advantage

10x faster database development

Hire two bricklayers to build a brick wall — one the best in the world, and one just average — and studies show you might see a factor of two difference in their productivity. Hire two software developers to do the same task, and you often see a factor of ten difference in their work. Our tools, proprietary technology, and best in class developers let us do for 30k what others need $300,000 to do, and let us create for 200k for what from others would cost millions.

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We Automate Your Business Brilliantly, Then Put It
In Your Pocket

Custom iPhone Database

New technologies now let any business data go mobile. The systems we create can run on your desktop, your laptop, your iPad, and your iPhone.

Put business data in the hands of your sales team, management, or any other staff member wherever they go. Digital photos can be captured right to your system, and signatures directly entered on a touch screen device. Data from the field automatically synchronizes back to your main office.


New in the Consultant's Corner | Our 10x Cost and Schedule Advantage: Where we see it, where it applies, and where it doesn't

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Mighty Ant DataWorks has decades of experience in walking clients through the software development process. We work with small businesses, the enterprise, for profit business, and non-profits alike. From initial assessment, to system specification, software construction, system testing, user training, system deployment, maintenance, long term support, and system additions, we have you covered — and can provide references of others we've worked with for more than 20 years.

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Do you see an opportunity to let technology help you work in a smarter way in your work place? Do you wonder what is feasible and what it might cost? We love to provide answers, and an initial assessment is free. Drop us an email, or call us today at (626) 817-2702.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,
from 1989 to 2010, U.S. business productivity,
output per worker, increased by 59.2%.

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At Mighty Ant DataWorks we don't increase client productivity that much — we do so by more. Just doing our part to bring up the national average...


Is your company ready for iPad 3?

Is your company taking advantage of all the new opportunities in the mobile space, such as those offered by Apple's new iPad 3? Let Mighty Ant DataWorks show you how to unshackle your data from your desk and get it out into the action!

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